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Why do suppliers use us?

happyEmploying us instead of your own Specification Representative can save you in excess of $000's per annum

happyAdvertising in Engineers Journals and Magazines instead of using us can be very expensive

happyWe will ensure that your product is not viewed just for a few minutes 

happyWe save you large amount of time spent by salespeople trying to get specifications changed from competitors’ products

happyWe truly help you be the market leader

happyClients will only call you if your product is specified

How can we help?

tick Utilising SpecRep Services is a fraction of this cost.

tickSpecRep Services will be speaking face to face with your target market on a regular basis.  In addition to that your catalogue and information will be in their library for all to see and use for any potential project.

tickLet SpecRep Services obtain specification of your products saving your salespeople time and increasing productivity

tickWith your product specified on the project you will be seen to be the market leader, not just the “or equivalent”.

tickSpecRep Services can help get your product on to the drawing or written into the specification.  Having the client calling you saves time and money.

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